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Fique (Furcraea andina) is a plant similar to the agave plant as we mentioned in a previous article.

Sisal and Fique derive from the same botanical family, the agave plant, the difference is that the Fique’s fibers are more of a premium quality compared to the Sisal as they are shinier, delicate and flexible.

The Fique plant doesn't need any chemical or fertilizer to grow and needs small amounts of water to grow, making it a very resourceful fiber and a great sustainable option for natural fibers. 

Fique is one of the most durable and strong natural fibers, not long ago, it's threads were usually woven into rugh sacks to store and carry coffe and cacao beans.


Now, artisans have improved their weaving techniques and processes to get premium threads and colors. Today, fique is used to make all kind of rugs, some luxury rugs combine even fique with copper.

Our mission is for everyone to recognize this incredible material and give it back the importance it had before by designing functional and decorative items for daily use.

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