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Made of Real Natural Fibers

Fique (Premium Sisal) Rugs are durable, natural, and sustainable. They are low maintenance, absorb dust and moist and warm up any environment. In comparison to other woolen rugs, Fique rugs can be used in any weather as its fibers when woven are breathable.

Historically fique has been used for weaving bags that transport food such as cacao and coffee. Its strands are also used for the fabrication of ropes and cords. Fique’s fiber is not only strong and rough, it’s durable and allows breathing.

The fibers of the Fique plant derive from a plant similarly looking to the agave plant. It is endemic to the Colombian Andean region and Venezuela.

Sisal vs Fique

Sisal and Fique derive from the same botanical family, the agave plant. The Sisal (Agave sisalana) is a flowering plant native to Mexico. It yields a stiff, coarse, strong fiber used in making ropes and other products.

Fique (Furcraea andina) is a plant similar to the agave plant. There are around 200 different species of fique but very few are used for the production of its fibers.

Fique’s fibers are more of a premium quality compared to the Sisal. They are shinier, delicate and flexible. This allows the artisans to have more freedom in designing and blending them with other materials such as metal.

How to properly take care of your Premium Sisal Rug

Fique Premium Sisal rugs have very low maintenance. You can vacuum the dust or debris or simply shake them off. As any other natural fiber handmade rug, there is a positivity of slight shedding during the first months of usage.
Avoid the excess of water. Build up of moisture leads to mould. After being wet, hang or leave in airy space to dry out. Direct sunlight exposure might affect the dye of the rug.

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