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Made of Real Natural Fibers

Hidden within the Cordillera de los Andes there is a plateau, a mountain without a top, 2600 meters above the ocean and closer to the stars.

A perfect place for a cosmopolitan, modern, chaotic, industrial yet elegant city surrounded with green mountains and husky weather.

This is our inspiration, our home, where we connect with our ancestral traditions and then bring them out to the world.

We have now two shops, one in the US and one in the Netherlands.

Our Products

We bring together art, design and functionality.

Every piece is uniquely handcrafted in Colombia, it is a representation of the identity of a community within a unique natural landscape.

Our artisans work represents the stories, richness and diversity of our country.

Our Company

We are a company who is committed to promote the heritage and legacy of our handcrafts. 

Through our products we trade our artisan stories and visions. Our materials are products of our land. 

Every piece that we trade is uniquely handcrafted in Colombia and shipped weekly to the US and Europe.